Official Selection

Woorilakees "Gardening"

Greece 2022
Duration: 05:25
Directed by: Athanasia Arvanitidou
Screenplay: Chrisa Sivva
Animation: Athanasia Arvanitidou
Technique: 2D animation
Music: Blackstop
Production/School: Konstantinos Patsis
Dialogue language: English

"Woorilakees" is an animated TV series, set on a fictional tropical island, following the life and daily adventures of a Gorilla family. Elli and Andy, our main heroes, live with their parents, Mommy Woorilakee and Daddy Woorilakee. Ever curious and always keen to discover new things, the whole family never misses an opportunity to make a fun new adventure out of seemingly simple, everyday things, playing and laughing their way to valuable life lessons. Built on sound child psychology and positive messaging, the series makes for ideal, relaxing and engaging content for children. In this episode, the Woorilakees family is out to explore and look for beautiful flowers, in order to make their own flower bed. Daddy Woorilakee, our charming and comical "know-it-all" but goofy character, knows the perfect flower spot in the jungle. On their way there, the family learns more about flowers & nature, while meeting and interacting with friendly, cheerful animals. The aim of this episode is to teach children about flowers and plants in particular, as well as respect and appreciation of nature in general, in a fun and positive way.

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