Official Selection

Fashion Victims 2.0

Spain 2023
Duration: 02:10
Directed by: María Lorenzo
Screenplay: María Lorenzo
Animation: María Lorenzo
Technique: Mural painting photographies
Music: No music
Production/School: Enrique Millán
Dialogue language: No dialogues - only titles
Subtitles language: English

An inconvenient truth: the Western fashion industry stands on forced child labor in the Third World. Will you still consent to it? FASHION VICTIMS 2.0 is the animated recreation of the mural painted by ESCIF in January 2022 in front of a well-known fashion store in Valencia. The painting exposes our passivity towards child labor and its harsh conditions in developing countries. The animation short film brings to life the people painted on the wall to show their alienation and the nonsense of our unsustainable consumption habits. FASHION VICTIMS 2.0 is also a tribute to Valencia street art and to ESCIF: an artist concerned about a most uncomfortable reality.

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